Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parallel Idea

Artists Take Risks:
-Even though I am somewhat accustomed to the iPad, I am still learning the tricks to making quality digital art. This project will further help me understand the use of different functions. Especially since I am tuning this into something that will look like  really old comic book picture.

Artists Communicate Through Their Work:
-This piece of artwork will represent the hasty tensions between the United States and Russia during the Space Race in the '60's. The metaphor is to be that it looks like a comic and that they are threatening each other with Ray/Space guns.

Artists Reflect:
-While in the middle of planning and sketching out my ideas I realized that instead of having real guns and making look realistic, I should give the picture a classic "Comic book" look and add in some fictional things that were in the 1960's. This reflection really helped because it gives this whole picture another meaning now.

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