Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Regular Jackass Show

Hello Everyone, and this is my celebrity project. I chose to use the cartoon characters from "Regular Show" from Cartoon Network, and the celebrities from the movies "Jackass." I incorporated the celebrities to fit the personalities of the cartoon characters because they share similar traits.I also re-created the logo from Jackass to fit properly into the style of the cartoon's logo.

The basis for this project was knowing how to blend, transform objects, and be able to correctly and successfully use the Color Balance tool, along with the Hue/Saturation tool.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bunny-Duck Mix

Hello again everyone, and this time my newimal is a mix between a Mallard and a baby Rabbit. I only used one body part for this creation because it was the only reasonable place to put it with nowhere else on the Duck's body.

The tools I used were the "Move/Cursor, Eraser, and Hue/Saturation" to adjust the looks of the head. I wanted the Rabbit's head to fit onto the Mallard's properly too. Oh, and another tool I used, like my last piece was the "Clone Replacement Stamp" to erase the Mallard's head and replace it with the blurred background.

To make this image look ALMOST real, I had to make the Rabbit's head turn greenish, dark-blue so it would fit onto the body. The last thing was to just blur/erase some of the Rabbit's fur in order to "Seal the Deal" with the animal.

Elpha-Dog Tiger Mix

Hello everyone, this is my Newimal I created for this project. It is a mix between a Yellow Labrodor, a ferocious Tiger, and an Elephant. I also took of this animal's tail because I thought that since most animals have some type of tail, that this one should be unique by not having one. I was able to photoshop out the Elephant's eyes and blend them using "Darker Color" for the layer. This allowed me to use the dog's eyes instead of the Elephant's.

Another inportant thing I had to use to complete this animal is the "Clone Stamp" tool so I could take off the tail and the dog's head by replacing them with the grass around it to make the photoshop even more realistic.

The last major tools that helped in the succession of this piece is the "Hue/Saturation" and "Color Balance." These tools advanced the way the picture looks, such as the Elephant"s head being lighter than normal so it fits the characteristics of the dog's body. The same applies to the Tiger's leg in order for it to fit properly onto the dog's body.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Xray Vision

1. I think that this piece is all right, but not my best part of using my skills in photoshop. I wanted this to look just like a real xray, so i edited the individual photos to do so.
2. I feel pretty successful in this piece because i was able to scale and use my skills to warp the different photos to the right size/ preportion to make this look like a successful photoshop.
3. The polygonal lasso tool worked the best because it helped me cut out the parts of the picture that were going to be filled with the xray. What didn't work was the sizes of the pictures. The picture of myself was a great pic, but the size was way too large for the ribcage picture for the xray part.
4. If I were to re-do this project, I would use a bigger frame instead of my own hand because it looks too small from a distance.
5. The most difficult parts in completing this art piece was to scale down the ribcage picture and to differentiate the threshold of the object stuck inside the xray
6. I learned more about how to colorize and change the looks of a picture from one color/look to another without majorly altering the picture in any way.

It's Adventure Time!