Sunday, February 9, 2014

Appropriation Progress


 Creating Original Art:

 During class brainstorm activities, we discussed different ideas for our new project on "Appropriation," and we all wrote down 20+ ideas that could benefit our progress. During my pondering I came up with the idea of "The Four Seasons," which means that the seasons of the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) would be incorporated into the seasons of food. This can include things from Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Sprinkles, etc. I thought this idea was interesting because it gives the viewer a different perspective on things.

Artists develop art making skills:

In order to create style in this piece, I decided to make it out of an old book so I can carve the 'Seasons' into the pages. Then  will paint them and it will be like a book of seasons for someone to read through.

Artists take risks:

I feel very uncomfortable trying this piece because I have never done a book carving. I am quite anxious as to the outcome of the final product. Although I am worried, I am also confident in my abilities to succeed in the making of this project so I will gain some experience in another field of art.