Art III Final Portfolio

1. I honestly think my best project was our chalk mural that we worked on as a group.

Artistic Behaviors:
Artists Collaborate- As a group; Me, Jordan, Chase, Noell, Taylor, and Kim had to come up with ideas for a very interesting perspective project. We all had brilliant ideas, but we needed something that was easy, fun, and helped portray our ideas of it being "Perspective." So, a couple days after we got our project we thought of using "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" (Otherwise known as Narnia) as our idea. We planned it out on a wall, and worked through it as a team.

Artists Take Risks- I have never worked with chalk as art before, maybe with smaller chalk on paper, but never using sidewalk chalk on a brick wall. I only did that as a child, and it was terrible. This project required a lot of skill in the knowledge of: Proper lighting, shaping of animals, and environmental detail. My job in this project was to provide the correct lighting according to the lamp post in the center, along with other details in the background. In order for me to gt better at this, I practiced on some scratch paper with small chalk, trying to get highlights on trees and the ground. That practice helped me create an even better version in the final piece.

2. There are many projects that I would rather "Re-Do" in this class. But, over all my mistakes, I would choose the Appropriation project. This was a great project to express clever ideas towards realism and imagination. The only problem was that I chose a medium that most people would not want. This medium had to do with cutting, gluing, and painting a book kind of like a diorama so that when you look through the book, there are cut-out images literally made out of the book itself. Why would I want to do over such an idea as this? Because this type of work takes weeks to work on, but since it being my first time I had no idea what I was stepping into. So, on further note, I would have probably change my medium from "Book carving" to something along the lines of of plaster and paint, which was my original idea.

3. After all I've experimented with, I would have to say that my favorite medium is printing. At first I did not like the way everything had to be organized, but once things are in order, it is really easy and fun to do. This was my latest project dealing with parallel ideas and such. Anyways, this was my first time using this technique with such a large scale as well. This really helped me understand how layering and color affects and artwork, especially in print-making.

4. This warm up activity was extremely beneficial towards how I perceive art now. It was based off of the way our eyes see color. according to whomever came up with this theory, if a piece of art contains a majority of a type of colors (I.E.- Warm/Cool) then the viewers eye will be drawn to wherever the opposite colors are located. This meaning that if there is a painting of a blue ocean, with a small red buoy in the background, due to contrast the eye will almost certainly go there first. Because of this technique, artists can control where the viewer sees by changing the color differentiation so it will bring the eyes around the piece in a certain order.

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