Thursday, March 20, 2014

Completed Marble Project

Artists Take Risks:
This project was te first time I ever used prisma colored pencils, and I liked them. Prisma pencils provide more advantages when it comes to highlights and coloring when compared to regular colored pencils. The hardest part of this project was perfecting the highlights and correcting the shading on the pastel-paper.

Artists Solve Problems:
As I was working through this piece, I went through some drastic changes. One of which was changing the background entirely to a different subject. I think this change made the artwork look better than if it were a blank background with only a few colors. I also had trouble trying to get good highlights on the marbles during my practice drawing, but found that if I combine the colors together, it works.

Artists Reflect:
During this project, I had to take breaks to figure out what to do next. Of course the most important element of this project was demonstrating translucent abilities in the marbles. Anyways, when I was reflecting I decided I had to spruce up the colors and brights to bring the viewer's eye across the page. In order to do this I combined complementary colors with one-another. I also added more white to the highlights and brighter areas.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Time Animation

Artists Take Risks:
This "Time" project was EXTREMELY difficult to come up with an idea. The whole point of this was to express time as an element, and not as a picture or clock. After a good two weeks of thinking and thinking, with many ideas being shot down, I decided to go with my first idea of making a "Flip-book/Animation." I needed to come up with some idea, so I went with a machine that, over time, breaks down and needs fixing. I took a risk here because I was the only person who did this type of art piece while everyone else made something totally different.

Artists Collaborate:
I spent a lot of time talking with my teacher and my classmates trying to think of a good idea. While still stumped, I felt that I was never going to think of one because this project was hard to comprehend. Eventually some of the students came up with base ideas that gave other kids hope for creating something. I spoke to my teacher again, and asked about doing a flip-book, and also involving TIME. He said to try doing gears and other things of that nature, so I came up with this machine.

Artists Communicate Through Their Work:
Nothing lasts forever. Things will break over time, whether it be a car, a clock, or even a computer. In a way, this message tells someone to live life while you can because the good moments don't last long. But at the same time can be fixed, so there's always hope no matter what. This artwork describes me because I like to fix things, and I am very good at it, also at the fact that I drew this so I am an artist as well.

Writing Rubric:
 This assignment really helped me think of new ways to view art. It taught me how I should extensively think out my ideas in order to find multiples ways to create the art. I am glad that I created this animation, though not the best, it still is much different from any of the other pieces in the class. Every artwork is special, and is designed to make the viewer feel different about themselves and/or how they look at reality. This piece demonstrates life (though it's a machine), life breaks down as we get older, which is why we all should be happy and enjoy every last bit of it while it is still there. Through this project I learned more about stop motion, which one thing I'm looking forward to doing in the future along with animating.

The Things We See Though (Project Progress)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Finished appropriation Project

Overall Analysis of Appropriation Project:
For this project I used acrylic paint, an old book, glue, and an X-Acto knife. This experience for a project was very new to me because it was my first book carving. I didn't feel very confident in finishing this project once I was knee-deep in, but I kept going and the outcome wasn't as bad as I thought. The really hard part of a book-carving is in the name, the carving took up most of my time and caused many problems. After carving, I glued the side pages together and then added my base coats of paint.

The purpose of this project was for me to try something new and test my skills against whatever odds lie ahead of me. At the same time though, to convey my idea of the four seasons of climate as a common additive to most of our foods. I definitely learned about how to carve a book, and the correct steps to proceeding in the technique. The most important step is to glue the pages accordingly so that the book sticks in the right way, the rest is up to the skill-level of the artist on how to paint.

When one thinks about the four seasons, the conclusion of them being food items may not pop into the brain so I brought that idea to life. The four seasons are: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. So to demonstrate a relationship between that and "Seasonings," I came up with some interesting thoughts. Sugar, in some cases reminds me of cold and snow; hense it be used for Winter. Spring is often known for it's flowers and green grass, so I came up with the idea of turning it into colored sprinkles. Summer reminds me of cooking burgers and going to the beach so I came up with garlic salt due to the fact that it not only looks like sand, but is ALSO used to cook burgers. Last but not least, Autumn, this time of the year is full of bright red-orange and brown leaves. This reminds me of types of dried pepper used in spices, so I made it look like pepper flakes as the leaves.

Although this project was was hard, it taught me more about the art of craftsmanship and I am very glad I tested my skills.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Iteresting Perspective Project

Artists Take Risks:

This was my first project where I really elaborated on the use of colored pencils. I also used a particular perspective that might find other artists stumped. The purpose was for me to test my skills with using gradients in both regular drawing pencils and colored. The color used in this picture was meant to stand out due to the fact that it is the only color in the picture and that it everything else is gray. 

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:

In order to create such a piece as this, I had to explore the different types of perspectives that involve specific detail in order to give the viewer a different feeling. The technique for this perspective was to involve a sort of bending in the work, like as if you were looking through a key-hole or a glass. In a way, this is a 4 point perspective piece because of the vanishing points.

Artists Create Original Art:

Before we even started brainstorming about this project, I remembered a time when I would always play with Hot Wheels and see how they would look. The different points of view that was given when looking down at the ground as if you were an ant. This sparked an idea of having a scene where cars pass by and you see them as if you were literally sitting in the middle of the road.