Thursday, May 15, 2014

Complete Perspective Chalk Mural
Artists Collaborate:
-During this extensive project, many classmates were put into groups to make masterpieces of chalk art in a perspective manner. In order to come up with interesting ideas, we had to discuss amongst each other about what topics would work best that we could all contribute to. In this case our group chose "The Chronicles of Narnia." This  way it would not be too complicated for members to illustrate different parts of the wall.

Artists Solve Problems:
-As a group, often times there can be...difficulties. These can be fixed with simplifying the problem and/or concluding a strategy to work together. For our project the most common problem was trying to figure who was better at drawing certain parts of the picture. Once we decided whom each person would be, he/she did their job and then we all added some details in the end.

Artists Create Original Art:
-When we each put in our skill for completing this project, we all had our own ways of doing it as we have accustomed to in the past. For example, I used my skill for creating the background because I have an eye for detail. Kim used her artistic skills to create the animals/creatures seen throughout this piece because she is used to drawing them. So each and every group member contributed in their own special way to make this perspective piece really 'Pop' out.

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