Monday, January 26, 2015

New Blog (Weebly Site)

Hello everyone! Just want to inform you that I no longer use this site for my art posts. If you want to see more, head on over to There you will find my newest projects and other cool stuff.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parallel Final

1. Artists Create Original Art:
This parallel assignment had me really thinking about the possible ideas that could be imagined. With a little help from my classmate, I was able to fabricate an idea that demonstrated my artistic ability to create a piece of art from my imagination. I came up with sketches and theories for this to be a great project. Although the outcome was different, I originally wanted this to look like a 1960's comic because this event took place then and comic book were a big back then.

2. Artists Take Risks:
Mr. Sands was really urging me to try new things, which led to him persuading me to do prints. Because prints are so difficult to make, I knew there was no way that I could make it look like a comic anymore. Another reason being that I had not done prints this size ever before, nor with this material. Although the risk was high, I still took it, the school year was over and I thought it might be a cool thing to do. In the end things worked out exactly how I thought.

3. Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
Throughout the past week I learned more than I though about making this print. The logic behind this really blew my mind, but made sense. I now know how to layer the colors how I want, and could probably do this print again in the future, but I could manipulate the outcome to look like something else too. This really was a great experience for me, and I feel better knowing that I have one more thing that I know how to do in art.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scratch board

1. Artists Communicate through their work:
This scratch board project really gave me a chance to express my feelings, while also showing movements and detail. It is probably hard to tell from the picture, but these planes are flying above the earth in an atmosphere they would not normally fly in due to the air pressure and amount of oxygen. Anyways, that wasn't the point, I was trying to demonstrate the need to be free with your life in a sense that sometimes things will bring you down, but you still have literally the whole world to look around for new opportunities.

2. Artists Reflect:
During my time on this piece, I often thought to myself about what I was planning on doing to give this a twisted, interesting outcome and still manage my time. Well the background I was first going to us was a sophisticated sunset that would have taken a long tie to complete, and probably take away from the focus of the planes. This gave me an idea of having a cool, not as detailed, but still good background. I thought it might be cool to have the planes flying above the sky and the clouds to a higher part of the earth where the sun was rising. This idea stuck with me ever since, and is what I used to finalize this piece.

3. Artists develop Art Making Skills:
Although I have some experience with scratch boards, I have never really created something on my own with something this big. When I was little, I had small scratch boards that showed a light picture of where I would carve in to. That way it acted sort of like a trace type thing to help me, but now it's different. I have to understand where all the highlights go, where shadows are so I can leave them black, and to be sure I add in extensive detail. Some of the minor details that the naked eye wouldn't see at first actually make a big difference upon closer examination. This way the viewer has 2 ways to look at the art instead of 1.

Figure Drawing (Full size)

1. Artists Collaborate:
This figure drawing involved a lot of effort from me and my partner. This was an assignment that required a classmate in order for me to draw him and vice-versa. My partner, Noah, was working with me on this project. We talked with each other and came up with many ideas after drawing our other figure drawings. Since we had to be more expressive than usual, our poses had to be more "abstract" than we might normally do. This way it will teach us new techniques for drawings, as well as creating a very interesting piece of art that shows a different way of using line to demonstrate figures.

2. Artists Solve Problems:
This figure drawing project had to be completed in either dark pencil, or charcoal. Being that charcoal is the best option because it is the most visible, and a better way to express values. What really troubled me was perfecting the proportions on such a large scale. It had to be "Life sized" but not actual size so there was still a margin for error. The way I fixed this problem was to follow a technique where the body is 8 heads high, etc. Even though the body was in a particularly awkward position, I still managed to get the proportions.

3. Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
During the entirety of this project, I effectively learned how to use shading and value for clothes in the areas of charcoal. Although charcoal can me easy to create mistakes and turn things black, you can control the amount by assessing: where the light is coming from, and how the folds of the fabric will influence the flow of the piece. Through some of the earlier exercises we did in the past, like the "Cloth hanging over a table" sketch where we captured the lighting and shaded folds.

P.S- Ms. Rossi, for some reason the pictures I took were fine, but when I uploaded them they got distorted to a lower resolution. I hope you can excuse this, there is nothing I can do about it right now.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parallel Idea

Artists Take Risks:
-Even though I am somewhat accustomed to the iPad, I am still learning the tricks to making quality digital art. This project will further help me understand the use of different functions. Especially since I am tuning this into something that will look like  really old comic book picture.

Artists Communicate Through Their Work:
-This piece of artwork will represent the hasty tensions between the United States and Russia during the Space Race in the '60's. The metaphor is to be that it looks like a comic and that they are threatening each other with Ray/Space guns.

Artists Reflect:
-While in the middle of planning and sketching out my ideas I realized that instead of having real guns and making look realistic, I should give the picture a classic "Comic book" look and add in some fictional things that were in the 1960's. This reflection really helped because it gives this whole picture another meaning now.

Complete Perspective Chalk Mural
Artists Collaborate:
-During this extensive project, many classmates were put into groups to make masterpieces of chalk art in a perspective manner. In order to come up with interesting ideas, we had to discuss amongst each other about what topics would work best that we could all contribute to. In this case our group chose "The Chronicles of Narnia." This  way it would not be too complicated for members to illustrate different parts of the wall.

Artists Solve Problems:
-As a group, often times there can be...difficulties. These can be fixed with simplifying the problem and/or concluding a strategy to work together. For our project the most common problem was trying to figure who was better at drawing certain parts of the picture. Once we decided whom each person would be, he/she did their job and then we all added some details in the end.

Artists Create Original Art:
-When we each put in our skill for completing this project, we all had our own ways of doing it as we have accustomed to in the past. For example, I used my skill for creating the background because I have an eye for detail. Kim used her artistic skills to create the animals/creatures seen throughout this piece because she is used to drawing them. So each and every group member contributed in their own special way to make this perspective piece really 'Pop' out.