Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gesture Drawings

Artists Collaborate: 
Gesture drawings require a partner in order to actually draw it from life. As our drawing sessions went on, we each thought of new expressive ways for each other to pose as. This way we could deepen our thought-process of how these figures are converted from life to paper.  

Artists Solve Problems:
These drawings should be completed within a couple minutes and a major problem that strikes many is proportions. Even though gestures can seem extremely simple, there is much to think about when drawing the curvature of the body. This can be solved by starting off with easier gestures, and slowly movig up to more difficult ones.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
Every artist has there own special way of drawing, especially when it comes to something like this. I thought my gesture drawings were pretty good, until I saw some of the ones that other people had drawn. They were unbelievable! But then I had come to realize that some of these people had been working with figures for many years, and me only just for a little while.

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