Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finished Portrait

Artists Communicate through their Work:
Using the style that I had while making this piece really speaks to the viewer. When you see the terminator, you wouldn't think of him as being happy and generic. I also picked this due to the nature of the project as being "Expressionist." Also these expressions are all the more reason for me to learn how to draw it better in the future.

Artists Reflect:
This project was really hard to decide and coordinate how everything would work out. Everyone in our class thought that with expressive portraits that include twisted art always have to incorporate "Zombies." I thought about doing that, but other people were doing it too so I thought I might spice it up a little by using a half-cyborg face.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
As I was working through the details of the face in this project I realized that I could add in some blood and some other special features. Features including rips in the skin, tears in the clothes, and burns along the afflicted area. It took a lot of time and effort to try and perfect these techniques. Although this is my first time, I feel I can improve later on.

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