Thursday, June 5, 2014

Figure Drawing (Full size)

1. Artists Collaborate:
This figure drawing involved a lot of effort from me and my partner. This was an assignment that required a classmate in order for me to draw him and vice-versa. My partner, Noah, was working with me on this project. We talked with each other and came up with many ideas after drawing our other figure drawings. Since we had to be more expressive than usual, our poses had to be more "abstract" than we might normally do. This way it will teach us new techniques for drawings, as well as creating a very interesting piece of art that shows a different way of using line to demonstrate figures.

2. Artists Solve Problems:
This figure drawing project had to be completed in either dark pencil, or charcoal. Being that charcoal is the best option because it is the most visible, and a better way to express values. What really troubled me was perfecting the proportions on such a large scale. It had to be "Life sized" but not actual size so there was still a margin for error. The way I fixed this problem was to follow a technique where the body is 8 heads high, etc. Even though the body was in a particularly awkward position, I still managed to get the proportions.

3. Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
During the entirety of this project, I effectively learned how to use shading and value for clothes in the areas of charcoal. Although charcoal can me easy to create mistakes and turn things black, you can control the amount by assessing: where the light is coming from, and how the folds of the fabric will influence the flow of the piece. Through some of the earlier exercises we did in the past, like the "Cloth hanging over a table" sketch where we captured the lighting and shaded folds.

P.S- Ms. Rossi, for some reason the pictures I took were fine, but when I uploaded them they got distorted to a lower resolution. I hope you can excuse this, there is nothing I can do about it right now.

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