Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parallel Final

1. Artists Create Original Art:
This parallel assignment had me really thinking about the possible ideas that could be imagined. With a little help from my classmate, I was able to fabricate an idea that demonstrated my artistic ability to create a piece of art from my imagination. I came up with sketches and theories for this to be a great project. Although the outcome was different, I originally wanted this to look like a 1960's comic because this event took place then and comic book were a big back then.

2. Artists Take Risks:
Mr. Sands was really urging me to try new things, which led to him persuading me to do prints. Because prints are so difficult to make, I knew there was no way that I could make it look like a comic anymore. Another reason being that I had not done prints this size ever before, nor with this material. Although the risk was high, I still took it, the school year was over and I thought it might be a cool thing to do. In the end things worked out exactly how I thought.

3. Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
Throughout the past week I learned more than I though about making this print. The logic behind this really blew my mind, but made sense. I now know how to layer the colors how I want, and could probably do this print again in the future, but I could manipulate the outcome to look like something else too. This really was a great experience for me, and I feel better knowing that I have one more thing that I know how to do in art.

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