Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scratch board

1. Artists Communicate through their work:
This scratch board project really gave me a chance to express my feelings, while also showing movements and detail. It is probably hard to tell from the picture, but these planes are flying above the earth in an atmosphere they would not normally fly in due to the air pressure and amount of oxygen. Anyways, that wasn't the point, I was trying to demonstrate the need to be free with your life in a sense that sometimes things will bring you down, but you still have literally the whole world to look around for new opportunities.

2. Artists Reflect:
During my time on this piece, I often thought to myself about what I was planning on doing to give this a twisted, interesting outcome and still manage my time. Well the background I was first going to us was a sophisticated sunset that would have taken a long tie to complete, and probably take away from the focus of the planes. This gave me an idea of having a cool, not as detailed, but still good background. I thought it might be cool to have the planes flying above the sky and the clouds to a higher part of the earth where the sun was rising. This idea stuck with me ever since, and is what I used to finalize this piece.

3. Artists develop Art Making Skills:
Although I have some experience with scratch boards, I have never really created something on my own with something this big. When I was little, I had small scratch boards that showed a light picture of where I would carve in to. That way it acted sort of like a trace type thing to help me, but now it's different. I have to understand where all the highlights go, where shadows are so I can leave them black, and to be sure I add in extensive detail. Some of the minor details that the naked eye wouldn't see at first actually make a big difference upon closer examination. This way the viewer has 2 ways to look at the art instead of 1.

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